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респ Крым, г Ялта, г Алупка, ул. Нагорная респ Крым, г Ялта, г Алупка, ул. Нагорная
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The Second World War did not affect a rare family, to one degree or another. With the arrival of the Germans, a partisan movement was created in Alupka. Alexander Govyrin was a partisan detachment in Yalta. A group of like-minded gathered in the house of Alexander. Here they combined information from the front, printed leaflets, informed the population in the nearby settlements about the situation at the front, instilled in people faith about the invincibility of the Russian army and the near hour of victory. The Govyryns House was not only the unofficial headquarters of young partisans. Here was hiding a wounded scout from a partisan detachment. The fate of the young underground cell ended tragically. In 1942, the children were monitored. March was marked by a terrible tragedy. Employees of the Gestapo were shot by two captured guys, and the Govyrin brothers were executed by hanging on a square in the center of the city. First heroically dead brothers buried outside the city. 13 years later, in March 1957, their remains were transferred to a small square of the city, not far from the bus station. In memory of the tragedy that claimed so many young lives, an obelisk was installed on the grave of black marble.
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