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The monument to Philopappou on the top of the hill of Muses dates from 114-116 and put by the Athenians in honor of Gaius Julius Antiochus Filopappa, who held various administrative and religious posts in the city and provided many benefits to its inhabitants. The nickname Filopappos, established for Guy Julius, in free translation means the beloved grandson of his grandfather, and his grandfather was Antiochus - the last ruler of the powerful kingdom Kommagens. The monument is made of marble and includes several bas-reliefs and three statues: Antioch Filopapp himself himself, and Antiochus, the son of the king Antiochus Philopapp, and Seleucus Nicator, the son of Antioch, to his left and right. All three statues are located on the front, the northern part of the monument, which faces the Acropolis. The monument remained intact until the time of the Turkish invasion, when it was partially dismantled for the material for the minaret, then built on the Parthenon. As a result of excavations carried out in the years 1898-1940. the place was cleared and the monument was restored in its present form.
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