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In ancient Athens, performances in the theater of Dionysus were sponsored by the people of the city, the so-called choregs. Horeg, who provided funds for a better presentation of the year, received a prize from the city authorities. The Athenian rich man Lysikrat, patron of many theatrical performances in the theater of Dionysus, erected a monument in honor of the victory of the performance, which he financed at Dionysus 334 BC e. He decided to build a special building in which the prize was established. The monument is a six-meter-high rotunda mounted on a high pedestal (podium) with Corinthian columns connected by rounded marble slabs differing in shade of stone. The capitals of the columns are peculiar and have no analogues in other preserved structures. Above the columns is a frieze with a plot from the life of Dionysus: the transformation of pirates who kidnapped God into dolphins. The six-meter-high monument is crowned with the stone flower acanthus, on which stood a bronze tripod, a reward for winning the theatrical contest for the holidays of Dionysus in Athens. The tripod was connected to the flower with bronze chains; He has not reached our days.
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