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Греция, Athina, Vakchou Греция, Athina, Vakchou
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Plaka - the lower part of the Old City of Athens, opposite the upper part - the Acropolis. Plaka used to be the center, and now it is a district of Athens that has retained the atmosphere of antiquity. Here at every step you can see one-story houses in small streets, taverns, souvenir shops, restaurants and many other institutions for tourists. It is not known why the area is called that way. One of the most common versions suggests that Plaka got its name from a wide stone slab found on the grounds of the church of St. George of Alexandria, which is located next to the ancient theater of Dionysus. In the area of ​​Plaka, in addition to colorful old buildings, there are many attractions, among which the Children's Museum, the Tower of the Winds and the Lysikrat monument are the most visited. In the vicinity of Plaka there are the Olympion, the Arch of Hadrian, the National Garden, the Zappeion Palace, the Panafinaikon Stadium, the three temples of knowledge, the university, the Academy and the National Library.
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