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Propylaea is the main entrance to the architectural complex of the Acropolis. In translation, this means - "eve". This building - the second time built on the Acropolis after the Parthenon, it was built during 437-432 BC. This piece of architectural art was built on the project of the most sought-after Greek architect Mnesicles, who was not indifferent to classicism. The task of the Propylaea is to be a successful architectural preface of the Parthenon, to create with its harmony and power a solemn mood for ascending to the Acropolis. A side path leads to a wide marble staircase with two portico wings on either side. With each step upwards, colonnades of wings part more and more and open to the gaze a strict central facade of Doric columns. At the beginning of its existence, the Propylaea was covered with a marble duo-pitch roof with two triangular gables. The inner side of the roof was blue with a scattering of golden stars, which created an unparalleled imitation of the starry sky above.
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