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Святыни и храмы

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Россия, Тарбагатайский район, с. Тарагбатай Россия, Тарбагатайский район, с. Тарагбатай
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On the fenced area there is a church, a priest’s house, a marble pedestal is installed (brought from Altai), on which the book rests. The inscription on the stone: The first Old Believers moved to Tarbagatai in 1765. On the second page of the marble book: “The Russian Drevle-Orthodox Holy Cross Church was consecrated on September 27, 2003 by the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexander the village of Tarbagatai on June 2, 2007”. In the architecture of the Old Believer Church, the Novgorod direction of Russian architecture of the Donikonovskaya Russia is clearly distinguished (a round dome, a chandelier in the center of the dome). Until 1666, all churches were built the same way. Built mainly of stone. The construction of the Holy Cross Church was assisted by all the locals: who were financially, who himself came and took part in the construction. The department of culture helped with building material. The bell tower has two large bells. One of them was donated by Leonid Vasilyevich Potapov, the weight of this bell is 500 kg; another (weighing 360 kg) - Ivan Ignatievich Kalashnikov. Bells were cast in the Urals, in the city of Kamensk-Uralsky. Established in the spring of 2007. Old Believers' Cross - eight-pointed. There is always the inscription on the upper crossbar of the cross: “AND H C AND” - which means - Jesus the Nazarene King of Judea. Jesus has a crown of thorns on his head. Hands apart: "I embrace the whole world." Feet turned to the sides, which means: "He went to hell and rose again." The church holds a blown cross from the treasure of priest Athanasius, who was found in a cave in the area of ​​Zharchikha. In the Old Believers church, all the icons are wooden or copper, necessarily self-written (written by hand by craftsmen). Icons are written in tempera - special mineral paints pounded on the board. Old Believers do not recognize other icons. Inside the church there is an altar in the center, where only men can enter only once in their lives when they are baptized. Women for the altar is never allowed. Candles in the Old Believer church are always wax, paraffin candles are not recognized (because they are made of petroleum material and symbolize the hell). Tourist Information Center "Visit Buryatia" /www.visitburyatia.ru
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