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Roman Catholic Church of sv. Brigid, also known as St. Brigid, or Holodomor, is a church located at: 123 Avenue B, in the southeast corner of 8th East Street, along the eastern edge of Tompkins Square Park in the Alphabet City section. East Village Manhattan, New York. The parish school Saint Brigid School, consisting of classes Pre-K-8, which has existed since 1856, is connected with the church. The church is named after St. Brigid, patron of babies, blacksmiths, boatmen, cattle, poultry farms, children whose parents are not married, milkmaids, dairy workers, fugitives, Ireland, sailors, midwives, nuns, poets, printing machines travelers. Like the area it serves, the Church of the Holy Brigid has a colorful and turbulent history from its very foundation in 1848.
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