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Long before our era on the lands of the Athenian Agora, at the behest of the king of Pergamon, Attalus, a beautiful standing was erected. In ancient Greece, such buildings were used as commercial and public centers. The design was a kind of covered pavilion, the front wall of which consisted of a series of columns. At the same time, the remaining walls remained deaf. Standing Attala consisted of two floors and several dozen porticoes - original arches, inside which were placed trade windows. In its original form, the building existed for several centuries until Athens fell from the barbarian attack of the Heruli. At present, we can only see the Attalus model, imitating the ancient structure with maximum accuracy. Well-preserved ruins made it possible for scientists to restore the building with virtually no errors. In the modern design there is an original foundation and the remains of ancient columns. Especially for the restoration of Stoi Attalus in Piraeus, a quarry was opened for the extraction of stone, similar to the original. Nearly two hundred people worked on the restoration, and finally in 1956 the antique monument again shone in pristine beauty.
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