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Святыни и храмы

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El-Bahr El-Ahmar El-Bahr El-Ahmar
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One of the main attractions of Hurghada can be seen for two dozen kilometers, which is not surprising - its two minarets rise 40 meters into the sky. The mosque was built in 1968 in honor of St. Abdulhasan Elshazi, who lived here more than 500 years ago. In the courtyard of the mosque there are several pavilions intended for believers who gathered for the Friday prayer, but did not fit in the building of the mosque itself. The interior decoration can only be judged from photographs, because tourists are allowed to enter only behind the fence, but they are not allowed inside the mosque. By the way Right in the center of Hurghada, construction of a new mosque is underway, which can become one of the grandest Egyptian buildings. That there is only a marble square in front of the mosque, which in its size is like a baseball field.
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