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Святыни и храмы

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The Church of the Mother of God "Vsetsaritsa" (Pantanassa) is one of the most ancient, but at the same time one of the least studied Byzantine churches in Athens. The Pantanassa Church stands on Monastiraki Square, named after her. The original church was built on this site, probably in the XI century, although on this occasion the opinions of historians differ. According to Orlandos, the temple appeared here in the 10th century, Sotiriou dated to the 7th-8th century on the clutch, while Wulf - the 8th – 9th century like all other basilicas with a cylindrical vault in Athens. Hingopoulos believed that the building should be considered the 10th century, and Milet, according to the capitals, referred it to the 11th – 12th centuries. The Pantanassa Church was a Catholic monastery of a 17th century convent founded by Nikolaos Bonefatsi and located mostly on the territory of today's Monastiraka Square. In the same century, it became the center of the “Big Monastery”, where weavers were engaged, and these fabrics were sold in the nearest market. Later, after the revolution of 1821-1829, the church was renamed the “Little Monastery” (“Monastiraki”). In accordance with the patriarchal sigilion (an official document with a seal) of 1678, the Pantanassa church was officially declared a farmstead (remote representation) of the Caesariani monastery, standing on Mount Imitos (Hymet). After that, she became a monastery for men. From 1690 Pantanassa became a parish church at the same monastery and in the XVIII and XIX centuries remained one of the most important parish churches of Athens.
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