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Святыни и храмы

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Греция, Athina, Kidathineon, 10 Греция, Athina, Kidathineon, 10
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Orthodox Byzantine church of the XI century, located in the Plaka district of the Greek capital on the famous tourist street Kidatineon. The temple was the first Russian Embassy and the first Russian parish church of the Greek capital. Temple of the cross-domed first half of the XI-th century. Belonged to the characteristic examples of Athenian Byzantine church architecture. Originally the temple was dedicated to the Savior Virgin Mary. Subsequently, he became devoted to the Transfiguration of the Lord, but is known by the name Savior Kottaki, by the name of the ktitor (founder) of the church. Byzantine paintings are not preserved. The few preserved old paintings belong to the post-Byzantine, XVIII century. However, there are several icons of the Byzantine period in the church, the most famous of which is the icon of the Virgin “New Dame” of the XIV century. During the years of the Greek Revolution, the temple was severely damaged, both from the direct destruction caused by the Turks and the fighting that took place around the Acropolis, which was a fortress in those years. After the capital of the Greek state was transferred from Navplion to Athens, the temple was offered to the Russian Empire’s embassy in the city as an embassy and parish church, for the emerging Russian community. The church was restored in 1834-1837 by Russian means. In memory of this, a marble plaque has been installed on the wall of the temple today. In the temple to the present day is stored church Russian utensils of the XIX century.
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