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Греция, Athina, Rovertou Galli Греция, Athina, Rovertou Galli
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Descending from Filopappou Hill, one can see another Athenian landmark near the Acropolis. This is a dark niche cut into the rock, taken away by a rusty iron grate. The legend says that it is the dungeon of the legendary philosopher of the antiquity of Socrates. It is believed that it was in this prison that he spent the last 30 days of his life, awaiting the execution of his death sentence. Friends wanted to save Socrates, he was offered to flee, to bribe the guard. But he refused, because he believed that no one in Athens dared to break the law. He calmly drank a bowl of hemlock with poison and died, surrounded by saddened friends, with a smile on his lips. And today you can stand by his dungeon and remember this amazing man.
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