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Респ Алтай, Майминский р-н, село Соузга, д 5 Респ Алтай, Майминский р-н, село Соузга, д 5
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The Cheremshansky source is the first underground source along the Chuisky tract on the Gorno-Altaisk-Tashanta route. The water of the source has healing properties and is used as a medicinal table. The composition of water is enriched with iodine, manganese, silicon oxide, lead, barium, iron, lithium and fluorine. Due to its healing properties, the spring is a very popular tourist site, which is actively visited by tourists all year round. The spring belongs to the row of "sanitized": it is fenced with a border, expanded and cleaned. It is forbidden to kindle fires near the spring, graze cattle, collect medicinal herbs, park cars, cut wood. For garbage set aside special containers. The status of the nature monument was assigned to the source in order to preserve it in its natural state and prevent the ecological state of the spring from deteriorating. Protected area - 1.5 ha.
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