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Свердловская обл, г Екатеринбург, ул Декабристов Свердловская обл, г Екатеринбург, ул Декабристов
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The reason for the construction of the wooden bridge that stood here over the Iset River was the arrival in 1824 of Alexander I. In honor of the August guest, the avenue, which we know as Dekabristov Street, was called “Aleksandrovsky”. According to some data, during the visit to the city, the king traveled over this bridge, according to others - he didn’t pass after all, but the bridge has since become known as Tsarsky. The current stone bridge was built on the site of wood in the years 1889-1890 by the project of the architect S. S. Kozlov. This is a massive structure of large rubble stone. It consists of three flat arched arches, based on low stone bulls. The outlines of the arches emphasize the horizontal orientation of the structure. The fences of the bridge are wrought bars between the pedestals on which the lanterns are mounted. The bridge has the status of a monument of architecture. From the Alexander Bridge towards the center begins a wonderful promenade along the river.
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