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Aqua Blu, Safaga Road Aqua Blu, Safaga Road
+20 65 3464809 +20 65 3464809
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The largest water park of Hurghada, located on the territory Hotel Albatros Aqua Blue, is incredibly popular with Russian tourists. Perhaps the whole thing in nostalgia - the park is decorated almost The real towers of the Moscow Kremlin, in that serving the staff speaks excellent Russian, or in incredibly cool entertainment What is it worth creepy rides like "King Kong" or "Black Hole". For the bravest there are slides "Shrek" where you can get an adrenaline rush all day. The smallest Visitors to the water park can enjoy the harmless slides and carousel In total, the park has 22 attractions for adults and 14 for children. Among them are serpentines from 14 pools, artificial lakes, waterfalls and rocks. Price: adult - $ 40, children - $ 30
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