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Испания, Barcelona, Carretera de Vilassar de Dalt, Испания, Barcelona, Carretera de Vilassar de Dalt,
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The water park “Illa Fantasia” (Fantasy Island) is a place for an exciting holiday for people of all ages and nationalities. A visit to it will help make a hot summer day unforgettable. A complex of 22 attractions is built on the territory, which includes open and closed slides, pools with artificial waves and hydromassage, a picnic area with 800 tables, mini-golf tracks. The entire space of the water park, except the slides, is equipped with ramps and other devices that facilitate the movement of people with disabilities. For the leisure of children from 2 to 10 years old, a special town has been opened with a pool of 30–50 cm deep and slides up to 2 meters high. Slides are available for teens and adults: Ràpids (there’s no end in sight), Еspirotub (in the form of a closed straight pipe), Riu Salvatge (descending only on an inflatable circle), Torpede (speed up to 30 km / h), several straight open slopes with angles of inclination up to 45 ° and others. On the territory of the water park there is everything you need for a bright and carefree pastime: changing rooms, medical center, shower, toilets, luggage storage, ATM, cafeteria, fast food cafe, restaurant of Spanish cuisine, pizzeria, gift shop, supermarket. The water park is located in the Premià de Mar district, 25 km from Barcelona. You can get there: by bus: free of charge from Rda street. Universitat, 5 or by train: Renfe R1 to Premia de Mar (started from Barcelona Sants), with transfer to one of the buses C-3/4, C-30, N-81 (exit Illa fantasia, from it is 5 minutes by foot). The total journey time is about 40 minutes.
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