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Россия, Красноярск, Телевизорная ул., 1ст73 Россия, Красноярск, Телевизорная ул., 1ст73
+7 391 290-00-01 +7 391 290-00-01
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Who soars in the bath, never ages. So says the proverb, and not without good reason! By systematically visiting the bath, you can cleanse the body of toxins, saturate the muscles with oxygen, reduce stress and much more. You can come to the Angkor Recreation Center by a friendly company, rent a steam room for everyone, chat and have a good time. Bathing traditions are diverse, everyone chooses what suits him - from classic to modern manufacturability. For those who love Eastern exoticism, there is a Turkish bath in the Angkor Recreation Center. Here you can not only relax, but also join the centuries-old traditions of Turkey and ancient Rome. In the breaks between visits to the steam room at your service lounge, karaoke. You can bring food with you.
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