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Россия, Красноярск, просп. имени газеты Красноярский Рабочий, 160/1 Россия, Красноярск, просп. имени газеты Красноярский Рабочий, 160/1
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Bowling club "Pyramid" is a place of active recreation for adults and children. Here you can play traditional bowling - the favorite pastime of Americans, vacationers company. Four professional tracks with a special coating, balls of different sizes and weights, a modern automated ball return system - all this will bring you true pleasure from the game. Billiards lovers will also not be disappointed. The American pool can be played simultaneously on 4 tables. The game of "American" is simple, it is very popular, because it does not require special skills. Russian billiards is represented by one table. It is much more than a pool table, so it is more difficult to get into the pocket, but it is more interesting for professionals. Do you like to sing? There is a karaoke bar for you with a regularly updated song menu. Planned triumph with a bunch of guests? Post all you can in the banquet hall "Pyramids". In the menu you can order delicious dishes of traditional European cuisine. On the birthday of the client discounts.
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