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Красноярск, Курагинская, 241 Красноярск, Курагинская, 241
+7 391 285-32-72 +7 391 285-32-72
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Baths "Fir-trees and Wolves" invite real connoisseurs of the Russian bath. A new service !!!! Professional bather (parmaster) !!! The steam room is fueled solely by birch wood, which gives that unique aroma that is not found in “electric” saunas - in order to understand the difference, you must visit “Firs and Wolves” at least once. Several different types of brooms will allow you to choose the most suitable option for you. The use of the Russian bath was known even in Ancient Russia - our distant ancestors not only carried out hygienic procedures, but also strengthened their health and hardened the body. The Russian steam bath warms up well, removes all kinds of slags and toxins from the body and simply gives a great mood. The baths are located in a picturesque place in the middle of a pine forest - here you can just walk and enjoy nature, moving away from the everyday routine and everyday life. The interior of the premises is replete with wooden elements - starting with the log walls, and ending with furniture and bath utensils. "Firs and Wolves" - an ideal place for those who love the bath and Russian nature.
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