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Испания, Barcelona, Plaça de Salvador Seguí, 1 Испания, Barcelona, Plaça de Salvador Seguí, 1
+34 935 67 10 70 +34 935 67 10 70
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Where are the books stored? Of course, in the library. But where to store movies? That is precisely in order to preserve all the film and audio inheritance of the country and was created in 1981 Filmatotek Catalonia. Moreover, many of these materials, employees of the institution very often have to not only store but also recover. An important task of the institution can also be considered as conducting research in this area, and spreading knowledge about cinema. And for this, about 900 various exhibitions, programs, festivals, discussions and views on Catalan cinematography are held here annually. Not so long ago, the Film Library of Catalonia moved to a new six-story building built specifically for her. And now anyone can come here and go to the cinema in one of two luxurious cinema halls, visit a spacious exhibition hall or a bookstore specializing in film materials. The large and bright Art Nouveau building was designed by architect Josep Luis Mateo, it organically integrated into the environment. The cost of attending one exhibition and one film screening is 4 euros. If you are going to visit both the exhibition and the cinema in one day, it will cost you 5 euros.
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