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Funicular Likavit is located in Athens, it is located on top of the mountain of the same name called Lykavit. For the first time the launch of the funicular took place on April 18, 1965. The funicular connects the top of the hill where the chapel of St. George is located, and Aristippu street in Kolonaki. The funicular line between the terminals is in the tunnel. The funicular was built a long time ago, so in 2002 it was reconstructed. There was a replacement of the engine, electronic security system, braking device, control room and cars. Now the funicular has a capacity of 400 people per hour, although there are only two passenger cabins. Each cabin has a capacity of 34 people. The length of the path, which is overcome by passengers, is 210 meters, and the angle of inclination of the funicular is not large, only 28 degrees. The speed of the trailers is 7 km / h, which is enough for passengers to reach the top of the mountain in just 3 minutes. Departure time every half hour, during peak hours, the intensity of the departure can be reduced to 10 minutes. The last guest can ride the cable car 30 minutes before it is closed. The cost of the ticket for the funicular is - 7 euros in both directions (ascent and descent).
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