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Хургада Хургада
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The most pleasant and clean area of ​​Hurghada - a piece of the waterfront near Sheraton Road, renovated in 2008. Therefore, it is called not just Marina, but New Marina, although all city taxi drivers understand perfectly where to go without the prefix "New." In fact, this is a part of the noisy and bustling district of Sakkala, but in spirit it is a completely different place where you can make a quiet walk along the embankment and have dinner with live music. In New Marina, there are two dozen restaurants, several bars (the most famous is the Hed Kandi Beach Bar, where famous DJs are often invited), attractions (for example, “Catapult”, throwing a capsule with people a hundred meters up) to howls of horror, as well as shops with clothes and souvenirs. You can get to the embankment by taxi or by bus. Some hotels even have their own buses, which according to the schedule carry tourists to the marina.
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