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Испания, Barcelona, Moll d'Espanya, Испания, Barcelona, Moll d'Espanya,
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Going on a trip to Barcelona, ​​hardly one of you expects to spend whole days just for sightseeing. Sometimes you just want to relax and rest. One of these interesting places of entertainment is the IMAX cinema. In the very center of the city, in one of the most picturesque and popular places - the port of Well, there is an unusual cinema. Equipped with the latest technology. It was built in 1996, one of the first in the world, the author of the project was the architect Enrique Soria. However, what is its uniqueness and singularity? With the help of large-format systems, rollers with a high-quality three-dimensional image are projected in three formats: the first is the IMAX technology: a huge screen, with a seven-story building height (height 21 m), with an area of ​​600 m2. The second format is 3D Dimensiones: fantastic 3D effects create incredible real images. It is used on the same screen as the previous technology, only to achieve the necessary effects you will need to wear special glasses. The third is the Omnimax system: video is projected onto a movable dome-shaped screen with an area of ​​900 m2, surrounding the viewer from all sides. with his help, an incredible impression is created that you are immersed directly in the film. Even in spite of the fact that documentaries are shown here, you will certainly leave here with only the most vivid impressions: mysterious dinosaurs, amazing underwater inhabitants will rise before you like living ones. In addition to inexpressible emotions, you can also get additional pleasant impressions by visiting the terraces, from which you can admire beautiful views of the sea, or just have a snack in the cafeteria or restaurant nearby.
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