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Испания, Barcelona, Avinguda Meridiana, 129 Испания, Barcelona, Avinguda Meridiana, 129
+34 657 25 48 95 +34 657 25 48 95
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For most visitors, Barcelona will remain in memory as the city of magical flamenco, the enchanting architecture of Gaudi and the museum of the extravagant and brilliant Salvador Dali. But the mystical city is full of entertainment and other nature that can tickle your nerves and activate all the resources of the human body. Quest Rooms or what else the escape room calls is an intellectual game in which you will have to show all your intuition and logic to get out of a locked room (or room) in a certain 60 minutes. "Cronologic" is an interactive quest game for fans of science fiction and video games. The plot is based on a story about time travel, which you can accomplish only if you try very, very hard. Your life will depend on your wits and resourcefulness. Using only the objects found in the rooms, it is necessary to go all the way, completing tasks, solving problems and finding non-trivial use for the most ordinary objects. Well, the time spent here promises to be entertaining! Take companions from 2 to 5 people and go.
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