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Россия, Красноярск, ул. 78 Добровольческой Бригады, 2 Россия, Красноярск, ул. 78 Добровольческой Бригады, 2
+7 391 215-20-39 +7 391 215-20-39
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The team, from two to four people, has just an hour to solve all the puzzles, find the hiding places and get the keys to the doors of the enchanted room. Each quest is a new unsolved mystery, unfamiliar heroes and disturbing stories in which you fully immerse yourself. All quest room rooms are spacious and safe. During the game, the operator is watching you. If necessary, you always have the opportunity to contact him. Even children can participate in the quest: from the age of 12 - without parents, from the age of 8 - accompanied by adults. It does not matter who you are by profession and how old you are, special knowledge and physical strength is not needed here. Use hints, explore caches, build logical chains, and your record for the fastest opening of the room is not far off.
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