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Франция, Bouches-du-Rhône, Boulevard Marius Thomas, 17 Франция, Bouches-du-Rhône, Boulevard Marius Thomas, 17
+33 6 22 45 06 83 +33 6 22 45 06 83
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Plongee Phoceenne Formation is an underwater club located in Marseille, the capital of French divers. Recently, diving here is only gaining popularity and Plongee Phoceenne Formation is perfect to try yourself in this sport. Experienced divers can evaluate the local conditions, and newcomers are given the opportunity to use the services of a professional instructor who will assist the client during the entire session (about four hours). Diving into the Mediterranean Sea on the shores of the city of Marseille takes place at a depth of 6 to 10 meters. This allows divers to test their strength and, of course, enjoy the magnificent view of the underwater world. But just the underwater world of this coast is so magnificent that tourists, diving for the first time, say that they will undoubtedly return here. Indeed, the amazing and rare type of fish, beautiful underwater landscapes and water, clean as glass, just fascinate the eyes. Experienced divers prefer to dive from a boat, but for beginners this option is not suitable. They are immersed from the fjord, located in the beach area. All diving equipment and equipment is professional. Before each session, the instructor conducts accessible instructions so that the divers feel confident and comfortable. For tourists, Plongee Phoceenne Formation offers the following service: shooting underwater camera in the background of a real underwater landscape. This suggests that even after returning from a vacation, and at any other time, visitors will be able to remember everything that happened to them during the dive. Customers are provided with several custom packages to meet their needs. That is, they go as a couple, family or group of friends. These packages provide complete snorkeling equipment, as well as visiting VIP streams and diving. Beginner divers, if desired, can attend specialized courses for beginners. Incidentally, experienced instructors can teach their clients any level of diving from 1 to 4, and, of course, dive as divers do.
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