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Греция, Athina, Rovertou Galli, Греция, Athina, Rovertou Galli,
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The Greek festival in Athens is a central event in the cultural life of Greece and not only. Organized for the first time in 1998, the festival has won great fame throughout its existence, not only throughout Greece, but also far beyond its borders. The diversity of the genres of the festival is striking: it is music, from classical to jazz, and theater, from ancient Greek authentic performances to modern, and dances - from antiquity to our days, visual arts and sculpture, exhibitions and various events. The managing company of the festival was created by the Greek government, and the festival itself was organized with the aim of preserving and developing Greek cultural traditions in all genres of art. The festival in Athens is held simultaneously at several venues: in Technopolis, in the Lycabet Theater, in the ancient theater in the sanctuary of Asclepius and others. Everyone will find an event at the Greek Festival to their liking! The Greek festival takes place annually in Athens from May to October.
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