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Франция, Paris, Boulevard d'Auteuil, 51 Франция, Paris, Boulevard d'Auteuil, 51
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The French Open Tennis Championship, also known as Roland Garros, is one of four Grand Slam tournaments held in Paris at the courts of the local tennis complex Roland Garros. The main competition grids are traditionally held in a two-week period at the turn of spring and summer. For the first time the tournament was held in 1891 as a one-day national championship. Only French tennis players and members of French tennis clubs could take part in it. The first winner in the club "Stud Frances" was an Englishman; history has retained only his name - H. Briggs. The first winner of the women's tournament was in 1897, Francoise Maison. The tournament, however, was not very popular in the first years of the competition due to the status of a national competition - the best tennis players in the world could not take part in it. The situation changed with giving the championship international status in 1925. The resumption of the tournament after the end of World War I marked the heyday of French tennis. Today, tennis tournaments taking place on the Roland Garros courts are among the most prestigious sports in the world, and annually attract over 500,000 tourists from all over the world. On the territory of the stadium there are many fast-feet, bars and even restaurants of the elite class. There are 30 food outlets in total. Nearby there is a museum of tennis. In it you can look at the equipment of athletes from the last century. Here they also show a video of historical moments in a big sport. All tourists have the opportunity to take a tour of the "Roland Garros", which includes visits to commentary booths, the press center and changing rooms with "nominal" regiments of champions. Visitors can have a great time at the tennis attraction "Rado".
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