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Magawish Hotel Magawish Hotel
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This place belongs to categories: Active rest Windsurfing, kitesurfing The guys at this Russian station at the Magawish Hotel love to boast a length of their coastline (two kilometers) along which windsurfers and kitesurfers ride. The founder of the “Bay” is the famous Russian athlete Oleg Ostrikov nicknamed “Monster” - hence the name of the school. He became the first Russian-speaking windsurfing instructor in Egypt, settling here in the distant 90s. The beach itself - with clean and deep sand, which is difficult, but very nice to walk. At the station there is a bar with drinks and snacks, a shower, a chill out and a couple of shops with surf clothing. For katalschikov there is free WiFi. The price of the question: 6-hour course - 100 euros (every hour further - 25 euros)
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