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Испания, Barcelona, Carrer del Montseny, 22 Испания, Barcelona, Carrer del Montseny, 22
+34 932 18 17 39 +34 932 18 17 39
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Have you ever dreamed of being in the seat of a passenger airliner pilot and seeing him flying? If yes, then you have a way to realize your dream - to arrive at the Simuteca center of the city of Barcelona, ​​sitting in a chair simulator of a real airplane! Simuteca Center offers its customers two real flight simulators. The first one is an exact replica of the legendary aircraft, which for 50 years has been operated by airlines around the world - the Boeing 737. Under the guidance of experienced instructors, anyone can master the skills of operating the airliner, see what is hidden from the eyes of the passenger and even flight attendants learn what to do in an emergency. For professional pilots, the center allows, without unnecessary risks, to work out the skills of emergency landings, to restore the control and appointment of systems to memory. The second type of air simulator is an exact copy of the Mooney M20J light aircraft. A single-engine aircraft, which this year marks its 60th anniversary, will give you the opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere of free flight. Perform stunts, enter a steep dive, make sharp turns next to the picturesque cliffs - all without risking your life! In the systems of reviews, this center holds the first place among all entertainment facilities in Barcelona. Realistic flight, albeit virtual, charges healthy adrenaline and gives great feeling. Many come to the center with children. And after receiving education, some visitors sit at the helm of a real airplane! The minimum time you can buy is 1 hour for a Boeing and 30 minutes for a Mooney M20J. Tariffs start from 30 euros (130 euros for the 737th Boeing).
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