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Россия, Красноярск, Базайская улица, 343 а Россия, Красноярск, Базайская улица, 343 а
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Russian baths on the wood from the Siberian cedar is a magical pleasure. The complex "Chests" is conveniently located in the area of ​​the Stolby reserve. In winter, it is nice to plunge into the font, and in summer - to enjoy the picturesque view. The main pride of the bath - as recognized by regular guests: professional blows of the bath attendant disperse the ailment and blues in one moment. Steam in the bath is soft and light. Bath "Chests" offers a comprehensive relaxation program, including soaring, ice douche, conversation in the relaxation room, karaoke. An integral part of the evening is the kebab. Regular visits to the bath are excellent SPA services: the steam maintains the water balance of the skin, gives it a healthy and radiant appearance, removes toxins, helps relieve stress and tension. In the card of procedures there are programs for the care and massage techniques. Beginning of the working week - time to make plans for the weekend. All lovers of friendly companies note: bath procedures bring together. After all, it is in the “Chests” bathhouse that you can relax both in body and soul, and spend the day next to your loved ones and loved ones. We provide babysitting services! When parents relax in the bath, the children are engaged in a nanny !!!
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