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Барнаул, Взлётная, 25 Барнаул, Взлётная, 25
+7 385 253-55-25 +7 385 253-55-25
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In Magis Sport clubs, your result is the epicenter of the attention of our specialists. We offer not just fitness, but motivation and opportunities to achieve all your sports goals. Practice and achieve a balanced life in which physical activity harmonizes with rest and recovery. Love your body, develop your capabilities and easily cope with all external loads! Your goals are unique. Before you start training at Magis Sport, you will undergo a fitness diagnosis that will show your physical abilities and help you determine your goals. After that, we will select the optimal training program for you, as well as give recommendations on nutrition. The coaching staff of the Magis Sport clubs numbers over 100 people. These are the people who constantly make sure that you achieve the best results. High-level professionals with extensive experience and an impressive list of sporting achievements work with you: candidates and masters of sports, champions and champions of the city, region and country. In "Magis Sport" at your disposal more than 140 types of premium equipment from well-known manufacturers - LIFE FITNESS, PRECOR and HUMMER. They will ensure the high efficiency of your workouts.
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