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Респ Алтай, г Горно-Алтайск, Коммунистический пр-кт, д 16 Респ Алтай, г Горно-Алтайск, Коммунистический пр-кт, д 16
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The prehistory of the National Drama Theater of the Altai Republic began with the signing of the Ordinance of the Oirot Regional Executive Committee of 04/14/1936 on the organization of a national theater studio. After repeated reorganizations on the basis of the resolution of the Bureau of the Altai Territorial Committee of the CPSU and the regional executive committee of August 17, 1971, the Gorno-Altai Regional National Drama Theater was opened, and in 1977 the theater building was built. In 2002, the theater was renamed the State National Institution of Culture of the Republic of Altai "National Drama Theater". And in 2008 he was named P.V. Kuchiyak - the first Altai playwright. On March 24, 1978, the National Drama Theater opened its first theatrical season with the performance “Golden Dawn”, staged by the main director M.G. Nazarova. The dramaturgical basis of the performance was composed of the works of one of the founders of Altai literature, P.V. Kuchiyak. The performance combines entertainment, romantic pathos and citizenship, national identity and realistically authentic play of actors. The performance was a program and determined the future direction of the theater. For 32 years of work, the creative team of the National Drama Theater named after P.V. Kuchiyak ”performed more than 182 productions based on plays of Russian and foreign classics, modern Russian and national drama.
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