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Республика Алтай, г.Горно-Алтайск, ул.Чорос-Гуркина, 46 Республика Алтай, г.Горно-Алтайск, ул.Чорос-Гуркина, 46
+7 388 224-77-73 +7 388 224-77-73
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The Anokhin Republican Museum of Local Lore was founded in 1918. The museum is the oldest cultural institution of the Republic of Altai. The number of exhibits of the main fund is about 60 thousand units. These are unique collections on paleontology, archeology (items of wood, felt, leather, stone sculptures, runic inscriptions, “Tuektinsky treasure” of silver items of ancient Türkic time) preserved from ancient times, ethnography (religious attributes, household items), original works of fine art and arts and crafts (paintings and drawings by prominent artists G. I. Choros-Gurkin, N. I. Chevalkov, contemporary artists and sculptors). There are old printed and handwritten books of the XVII - XX centuries, documents, photographs on the history of the Altai Mountains of the XIX - XX centuries, rare samples of flora and fauna, mineralogical collection. Today, the building in the design process has acquired a new architectural look, becoming a multi-tiered dynamic complex. Large planes of pitched roofs in combination with the surfaces of the walls resemble steep mountain slopes and ancient mysterious mounds, in the depths of which the treasures of Altai are hidden. The theme of the mound is emphasized and developed by the decision of the main entrance and the sacred space of the mausoleum, where burial objects from the Ukok highland plateau are located: a sarcophagus with the mummy of a woman of the Pazyryk culture, named Ukok princess, highly artistic wooden ornaments and harnesses of horses, as well as stone steles.
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