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респ Алтай, г Горно-Алтайск респ Алтай, г Горно-Алтайск
+7 388 222-14-19 +7 388 222-14-19
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The official creation date of the reserve is 1929, when a research expedition led by scientist V.I. was sent to the Altai Territory. Baranov. But the Government of the country for a long time did not sign the documents. Red tape dragged on for two years. During this time, poachers got into the territory of the future reserve and practically killed the deer in the taiga. This turned out to be the last weighty argument about the creation of a security zone. Today in the Altai Nature Reserve there are more than 500 species of algae and lichens, over a thousand plant species. The reserve is rich in coniferous forests, where larch, Siberian fir and cedar are found. As for the fauna, only in the Altai Nature Reserve you can see reindeer, snow leopard, pink starling, black stork, snow leopard, wolverine and many other animals and birds listed as endangered in the Red Book.
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