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Респ Алтай, г Горно-Алтайск Респ Алтай, г Горно-Алтайск
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Lake Aychonok guarantees tourists scenic views and warm waters. The lake is a popular fishing spot. It is located 6 kilometers from Lake Aya. Individual and group tours are organized to Lake Aichonok, and those who want to save money go to Aichonka on their own. It is worth saying that when planning trips to the lake (even from the nearest village of Aya) you need to stock up on water and food, because the path is not easy and fast. Walking through the beautiful Altai meadows and passing a few hills and ponds, you will definitely want to eat and relax. On the shore of the lake there is a beach where you can swim, as well as swim in boats. In winter, the lake freezes, so at this time you can skate on it. There is also a waterfall on the lake.
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