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г Севастополь, пгт Кача г Севастополь, пгт Кача
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The Kaczyn coast stands out among the beaches of Sevastopol with the duration and width of its beaches. The coastal strip extends 5 kilometers from Deutsche Gully in the south to Cape Margopulo in the north. The cleanest water, comfortable bathing conditions, the absence of piers and industrial facilities along the coast as a whole draws the village of Kacha as one of the most environmentally friendly places for recreation in Sevastopol. It has everything for life, and for a measured, relaxing, family holiday: restaurants, cafes, shops, a market, excursion bureaus, museums, water attractions. Walking along the shore, you can go far - there are no restrictions in the form of fences. On the way you will meet both comfortable beaches and “wild” ones.
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