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п. г. т. Гурзуф, Ленинградская ул., 37 п. г. т. Гурзуф, Ленинградская ул., 37
+7 906 166-59-34 +7 906 166-59-34
+7 909 393-26-12 +7 909 393-26-12
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In a picturesque corner of the Southern Coast of Crimea in the park zone of Gurzuf, where A.S. Pushkin, A.P. Chekhov, in 2002, a three-story private hotel was built. A view from a family vacation room 50 meters from the sea into eight rooms - a suite, with a beautiful view of the sea, the Bear Mountain and the old part of the city. The rooms are equipped with furniture, household appliances, autonomous water supply (round the clock provision of hot and cold water). Each room has a spacious bathroom. knot and shower. In View of Gurzuf, all rooms have a fridge-bar, satellite TV, air conditioning, an electric kettle, a set of dishes. Rooms are cleaned daily and towels are changed. Meals - on request. The hotel works year-round. Room prices are negotiable, taking into account the season, from 30 to 100 USD per day. Free secure parking. Table tennis.
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