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респ Крым, г Ялта, наб Ленина В.И. имени, д 13 респ Крым, г Ялта, наб Ленина В.И. имени, д 13
+7 800 100-53-40 +7 800 100-53-40
+7 978 705-59-53 +7 978 705-59-53
+7 978 067-11-70 +7 978 067-11-70
+7 978 705-59-54 +7 978 705-59-54
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Rest in Yalta, in the luxury hotel "Tavrida" will bring you a lot of impressions, the atmosphere of luxury and the image of past eras, will leave in your memory pleasant feelings of amazingly spent time in this hotel. Not many hotels in Yalta carry such a story. Luxurious hotel apartments will give you warmth, comfort and joy from each day spent. Yalta reviews about Tavrida distinguish her as one of the chic and impressive hotel in Yalta. Not many hotels in Yalta can give you such a huge range of pleasant memories and your vacation will leave only positive fragments about our amazing city in memory. On our official website of the Hotel Tavrida, you can book a room at the best price and without extra overpayments.
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