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п. г. т. Гурзуф, ул. Строителей, 11И п. г. т. Гурзуф, ул. Строителей, 11И
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+7 978 925-13-25 +7 978 925-13-25
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From the windows of our hotel offers a charming view of the area of ​​the old Gurzuf, the nature reserve "Mount Balgatura", the sea and the Main range of the Crimean Mountains (Gurzufskaya Yayla). The hotel is located in a quiet area of ​​Gurzuf, away from the hustle and bustle. At the same time, the location of the hotel allows you to plunge into the festive atmosphere of the evening Gurzuf at any time. A warm atmosphere of hospitality awaits you in new comfortable rooms, equipped with everything necessary for a pleasant stay in one of the most favorite places of the creative intelligentsia. We offer our guests an outdoor pool, a Moroccan-style restaurant with an outdoor terrace, a sauna *, parking, a playground, transfers and excursions. The rooms of our boutique hotel are represented by standard rooms of the first category and suites. The concept and priority of our hotel is the coziness and comfort of the home, a calm and measured rest.
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