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Барнаул, Взлётная, 2е Барнаул, Взлётная, 2е
+7 385 259-50-14 +7 385 259-50-14
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Working hours:
MON 24 Hours
TUE 24 Hours
WED 24 Hours
THU 24 Hours
FRI 24 Hours
SAT 24 Hours
SUN 24 Hours
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Fox Hotel is open 24 hours a day for guests and residents of Barnaul. European design, quality service, qualified staff. The hotel rooms are equipped with modern furniture and appliances. For each guest are provided the necessary set of personal hygiene products, drinking water, a set of three white towels. Pleasant additions: daily room cleaning; coffee lounge; free Wi-Fi; free parking; hair dryer; breakfast delivery in the room; bank card service; smoking in a designated place; registration of foreign citizens. The hotel is located near major shopping centers ("Spring", "Ogni", "Europe", "Lenta", "Wave", "Moscow", "Arena"). Convenient transportation will allow you to easily get to Barnaul water park, airport, railway and bus stations.
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