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п. г. т. Гурзуф, ул. Геологов, 1 п. г. т. Гурзуф, ул. Геологов, 1
+7 499 404-05-53 +7 499 404-05-53
+7 916 407-88-07 +7 916 407-88-07
+7 985 769-09-01 +7 985 769-09-01
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The name of the hotel LANTERNA LANTERNA (Italian: Lanterna di Genova or simply Lanterna) is derived from the main lighthouse of the Genoa port. It is a symbol of Genoa. It belongs to the oldest surviving lighthouses in the world. The height of the lighthouse reaches 117 meters, 375 steps lead to the top.) "Lanterna" offers its guests 24 rooms with spacious terraces, with a beautiful view of the bay, Adalar cliffs, Bear Mountain, centuries-old cypress trees, flowering gardens and a city immersed in greenery. The friendly and professional hotel staff will create a pleasant atmosphere of relaxation.
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