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Респ Крым, г Ялта, пгт Гурзуф, Ленинградский пер, д 4Б Респ Крым, г Ялта, пгт Гурзуф, Ленинградский пер, д 4Б
+7 978 761-24-18 +7 978 761-24-18
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Our lane is fenced with a wrought-iron fence. The first building was built in 2000. The last renovation was carried out in spring 2014. Only 8 rooms. It consists of two buildings. The first building is a three-story cottage (in the background is a white brick house), on each floor of which there are one room. Number 1 is on the first floor, number 2 is on the second, and number 3 is on the third. Each room in this cottage has a balcony that overlooks the park of the sanatorium “Gurzufsky”. The second building is a two-story house, on the ground floor of which are rooms - 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. These rooms are without balconies, the windows of these rooms overlook our lane, each of these rooms has its own shop. All rooms have all the amenities: air conditioning, shower, toilet, hot water (round the clock), TV, wi-fi, separate kitchens (with a set of necessary utensils, refrigerator, electric kettle, microwave, electric oven), iron, ironing board, heating, safe, etc. Since the embankment is closed to the road, and is a pedestrian zone (usually from June 1 to October 1), the car must be put on paid parking. It is 500 meters from the hotel. We do not have our own parking.
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