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г. Калининград, ул.Верхнеозерная г. Калининград, ул.Верхнеозерная
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The upper pond is of artificial origin. The pond was created in 1270, when the knights of the Teutonic Order from the nearby Königsberg Castle dammed the Pregoli tributary with an earthen dam. The pond was used for breeding fish. The Upper Pond is the second oldest man-made structure of Kaliningrad, preserved to this day. Only the Lower Pond, created in 1256, is older. The shores of the lake were decorated with sculptures and monuments. On the west bank in 1913, a group of four sculptures of sea animals was installed: a walrus, an elephant, a sea dog and a sea lion by sculptor Hermann Thiele. Only two sculptures have survived to this day. At present, work on the reconstruction of the banks of the pond is being carried out in a complex with the improvement of the Yunost park.
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