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Кемеровская область, Кемерово, ул Весенняя Кемеровская область, Кемерово, ул Весенняя
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One of the most visited attractions in Kemerovo is the Eternal Flame. It burns in the Memorial of Glory to the Kuzbass warriors, dedicated to the victims of the Great Patriotic War. The idea of ​​creating a monument appeared in 1945, then a stone was laid at the site of the future memorial, but construction began much later. The memorial was only opened on May 9, 1970. Architect N.A. worked on the creation of the monument. Kovalchuk, sculptor A.D. Shcherbakov. Images of two soldiers are carved on the monument, one of them holds a victorious banner. At the top of the monument is the image of the order. The memorial is completely made of white stone. Near the monument is the Eternal Flame, which post №1 is on duty on memorable days. Such sights remind us of the great feat of soldiers, demonstrate through the torment our ancestors went through, so that we live happily in a world without war. Flowers are often laid at the foot of the monument. The monument is located in the park, where a lot of tourists are walking. It is located at the beginning of the Spring Street in the Central District of the city.
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