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Республика Крым, г. Керчь, ул. Театральная, 36 Республика Крым, г. Керчь, ул. Театральная, 36
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The art gallery is located in the building, which is an architectural monument of the XIX century. It is made in the style of classicism and is located at the foot of the Great Mithridates Staircase. The exposition of the gallery opens to visitors the most important moments from the life of the city in the most rich, deep colors. Here are collected objects of art and culture of Kerch from the ancient period to the present, thanks to which it is here that you can plunge into history and truly feel what lived and breathed for 26 centuries one of the most ancient cities in the world. The history of the Art Gallery began in November 1968, when Honored Artist of Russia N.Ya. Bout donated 29 of his canvases and numerous sketches entitled “Adzhimushkay. 1942 ". They became the expositional basis of the Art Gallery, which was opened on May 7, 1985. Today, like 30 years ago, the cycle “Adzhimushkay. 1942 ”remains one of the main exhibition objects of the museum. Artfully, fascinating pictures painted by the artist about courage and dedication of people who defended their homeland, make a strong impression. N. Booth was able to reflect on the picturesque canvases the bitter truth of the war, those sacrifices to which people of very different ages went on the verge of life and death. Bout's works tell about the war in all colors, as if coming to life before my eyes and transferring to that difficult time - every visitor to the museum becomes a witness to those tragic events. In the process, the exposition was expanded - samples of ancient sculpture, painted ceramics, works of art by contemporary authors are presented in its halls. Currently, the gallery is the main exhibition hall for hosting temporary exhibitions from other museums and private collections. Among the permanent exhibitions is the exposition “Antique Monuments of Kerch”, offering to admire the archaeological finds over a thousand years old - painted vases, terracotta, glassware, plastic, sculpture and many other ancient exhibits. Guests of the gallery can get acquainted with the ancient traditions of painting, sculpture and icon painting, archaeological finds of the early Middle Ages, by visiting the exhibition “Christian monuments of Kerch”. The highlight of this collection is a copy of the mosaic from the Vatican Cathedral of St. Peter "Christ Pantokrator" (XII century), presented as a gift in 1986 by Pope John Paul II. The gallery regularly exhibits exhibitions from the stock collections of leading museums of Russia (art, personal). In recent years, the gallery has become a favorite place for leisure in Kerch during the monthly “Living Rooms at Dvoryanskaya”, “Night at the Museum”, “Hurry to touch the cultural heritage ...” and many other cultural and educational events. Meetings of citizens with composers, musicians, poets, singing groups within the walls of the Art Gallery are an adornment of the cultural life of the city.  Tourist portal of the Republic of Crimea
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