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респ Дагестан, Хунзахский р-н, село Хунзах респ Дагестан, Хунзахский р-н, село Хунзах
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Khunzakh fortress is located 2-3 kilometers from the village of Khunzakh, in a picturesque area, on an open flat mountain plateau. In terms of the fortress is an irregular pentagon. Its length from north to south is about 150 meters, and from east to west it reaches 200 meters. The corner parts of the fortress were fortified with four large corner corps: the north, east, north-east and south-west, which served as defensive walls and barracks for the soldiers. Corner corps consist of side wings adjoining at an obtuse angle to each other and corner towers carried out to the outside, equipped with loopholes for rifle combat and gun defense. Corner corps were connected by fragmentary fortified walls with narrow slit-like loopholes, but lacking towers and wall passages. Two entrance gates lead to the fortress: north-east and south-west.
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