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Украина, місто Київ, вулиця Терещенківська, 10 Украина, місто Київ, вулиця Терещенківська, 10
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Shevchenko Park is the smallest square in Kiev, distinguished by almost the best infrastructure among metropolitan park areas. In addition, it is a wonderful art platform for creative experiments, which resulted in the emergence of numerous creative shops, a classic grandmother and other wonderful sights of the university park. Shevchenko Park is not just a favorite place that answers the question of where to go in Kiev, but an officially recognized monument of local landscape art. That's because here is a monument dedicated to the symbol of the Ukrainian people - Taras Shevchenko and the red building of one of the oldest universities in Ukraine - KNU. The idea to create the Shevchenko Park appeared to the officials in 1860. Then the gardener Karl Christiani was entrusted with the design of the park, which was supposed to harmoniously "fit" into the architectural ensemble created by the adjacent buildings and central streets of the city. About 30 years passed - and in 1890 the University Park was solemnly opened. Today, Shevchenko Park is the pride of Kiev, a favorite park for walking with children and friends, a workshop space for students who can work outdoors, connecting to free Wi-Fi, a platform for dancing and other master classes, which Kiev dazzles and also the perfect place for romantic dates. And for good reason! In the evening, Shevchenko is especially beautiful and comfortable: when the illumination illuminates the terrain, it seems that time has stopped, and love rules the world!
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