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Пермский край, г Добрянка, деревня Константиновка Пермский край, г Добрянка, деревня Константиновка
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We offer lovers of peaceful rest to make a forest walk along the reserved paths, because the flora of the Lunezhsky Mountains numbers 450 species, some of them (23 plant species) are listed in the Red Books of Russia and the Middle Urals. Fans of outdoor activities offer to play football, volleyball, paintball. You can drive around the whole territory of the Luzhsky Mountains reserve on an ATV, certainly with an instructor. Capacity of one quad from 1-3 people. A 300m long ladder leads to the river. Below is equipped with a pier for swimming. Pike, zander, perch, asp, bream, burbot, roach are found in Kama. Those interested can go fishing, and if you are lucky with the catch, you will cook an appetizing ear or cook caught fish.
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