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респ Марий Эл, г Козьмодемьянск, ул Лихачева, д 10 респ Марий Эл, г Козьмодемьянск, ул Лихачева, д 10
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The museum, located in a former 19th century merchant's mansion, has a magnificent collection of paintings by famous Russian artists (I. Aivazovsky, K. Makovsky, I. Tvorozhnikov, A. Korzuhin, V. Polenov, T. Neff, Y. Klever, K. Korovin , A. Arkhipov, N. Feshin, and others), as well as collections of ancient porcelain, products made of bone, wood, glass and metal of Russian, Western European and Eastern masters of the XVII-XX centuries. Interesting expositions of the museum, telling about nature, the history of the city and region. The part of the exposition relating to the ancient history of the region is especially attractive due to the presence of a Cro-Magnon man, and a corner of nature is interesting for fairy-tale inhabitants of the forest - moss fly forest workers. Lovers of silence and solitude Museum A. Grigoriev offers to visit the museum cafe, stylized merchant antiquity.
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